Off Paper Towels

The beard is gone. I now have only a moustache.

Two weeks ago i quit paper towels. Everything we buy comes in packaging. The amount of trash i make on a daily basis is astounding. It would be nice to make a big dent in that waste. I felt like paper towels was a big part of it, but it's not really. My level of trash hasn't been noticeably smaller in the past two weeks. My level of laundry has... I wash way more rags now. Also i've taken to using dirty t-shirts as rags. (you have to wash them anyway, right?)

The other day i cleaned the kitchen in the new van with all the OCD i could muster using only rags, and sponges. The stove was disgusting, at a level i'm really embarrassed by.  It was a huge step to letting go of the idea that i needed paper towels for good. I dirtied two rags and ruined one sponge.

It's a small step for man. [sic]