filter and phone

end of another climbing season in hueco tanks, and back on paper towels. we had more guests this year than ever. i'm making so much humanure i don't know what to do with it all. got very little done on the land. put in a patio--that was free. experimented with an activated carbon/sand filter. we did taste tests. the water out of the hose versus the water out of the filter (filled with the hose). the water from the filter had no taste at all, which made the source taste like chlorine and rubber. step two is engineer a higher demand unit adding the ability to back wash the filter materials. on a related note, i need to find a better 12v off grid pump...

i could no longer justify the amount i was spending on my cell phone anymore and made a drastic move. ported my number to google voice, and fired AT&T for good. porting the number was a one time fee of 20$, and currently google voice is free. no longer under the contract of any cell phone provider, all my SMS and phone calls now go to gmail and gchat. at first it was kinda shocking but i've gotten used to it. to contact a friend or get directions somewhere i had to find wifi. with no more cell phone this brings my total number of monthly bills to 2. car insurance, and website hosting.