Where I Roam

I now write for this blog in my head. I juggle for ideas for it in my brain, but struggle to realize them in real life. I’m compiling data on a terracotta evaporative cooler for food storage. I’m building an alternator for a wind turbine. I’m planning cabins with attached greenhouses, and planting gardens. Researching permaculture. Yet I live in a tiny ephemeral place, here or there. Forest to forest. Stone to stone.

I’ve been having reoccurring dreams about having a place for the warm months. When I wake up the next morning I feel very let down because I no longer have that place. Shindagger is a start, but a slow one.  Once again, I’m off for the summer, and the national forests are shrinking, but land and houses are plummeting in value. My eyes are set on central Washington, but my mouth is dry in Northern Arizona.

One argument for living anywhere, is once you start looking to buy a place you know what to look for.


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